Artificial Intelligence Can Write Programs?! (continued)

This is the second half of the story from the previous post.

To resolve this issue of saying You Lose! X beats X or You Win! X beats X. I asked: “Can we use a more specific verb instead of beats” but instead of generating specific verbs based on the weapon choices, ChatGPT replied “Sure, we can use a more specific verb instead of “beats” in the game result messages. How about using “defeats” for when the player wins and “is defeated by” for when the player loses? Here’s the updated code” and outputted the code accordingly. I don’t think that defeats is hardly more specific than beats, but I probably needed to ask in a different way so I said “No I don’t like that.” ChatGPT then asked me which verb I would prefer to replace beats. Now I had to think. I suppose AI doesn’t quite do all of our thinking, at least not yet. The response I came up with was “I would like to use a different verb for each unique scenario.” To my pleasant surprise, it did exactly what I wanted, using the verbs from Kass’s expansion as well as the classic Rock smashes Scissors, Paper covers rock, etc.

Next I took a detour and began asking philosophical questions and other curiosities, and I literally had to paste the code back into ChatGPT to get back on the same page.

Now, as if this wasn’t interesting enough, I then said, “Now add a clown”. Now, if you understand the dynamics of this game, you probably know that we can’t have an even number of options and preserve the balance of the game. ChatGPT recognized this and said that it didn’t know how to do that. So I typed, “Add a clown and an insect”… It did! It added them, and came up with the extra verbs, preserved the games balance, and everything.

Then I wanted to fine change some of the verbs. For example, the insect would defeat the paper with the verb “flies around”. But ChatGPT didn’t understand me, so I did it manually and pasted the code back in. Then I decided to change insect to bird. That worked out great. If you want to test out the game yourself, here is the link: Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this.

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