POP by Conversion Technologies – This is the very most comprehensive and insightful conversion tracking software in the call center industry that I know of. For now at least, this is proprietary, trade-secret software.

  • I worked on some of the administrative reporting aspects using AngularJS, PHP, and optimized SQL queries.

CreditInnovationGroup.com – I programmed 2 additional revenue streams:

  • a WordPress plugin to utilize a coupon service’s API
  • an API for debt management service, undebt.it and a WordPress plugin to interface with it.

Ulyte’s (formerly MEP Games) Photonn – This is an interactive projector concept. I created 2 Android demonstration apps.

Tricom Management Center – TMC was just a simple calendar and a crude project estimator that had not been integrated when I took over the project as the sole developer. I completely redesigned it and turned it into a full featured custom Project Management and CRM hybrid web application.

  • Fully integrated Scheduler with reminders, etcetera
  • Estimator for both quoting and budgeting
  • Project Management with Time Clock and Job Costing
  • Service & Maintenance tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Sundry features useful to a low voltage system integration firm
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