Simple Support Tickets – This is a super simple support ticket system containing only the most basic features. Built on the Laravel framework, this project was my capstone for my bachelor’s degree. The code is open source and available on github. A live demonstration is available upon request.

Colorado City Fuel System – This was an existing application that tracks fuel system for the city’s vehicles and equipment and generates reports for billing the various departments for their gasoline and diesel usage. The administrative users were using several workarounds for some harsh usability bugs, maintaining two separate databases, and dealing with severe reporting glitches that ultimately resulted in lost revenue. I edited the codebase, merged the databases, and created new reporting scripts which resolved these issues to their grateful satisfaction.

POP by Conversion Technologies – This is the very most comprehensive and insightful conversion tracking software in the call center industry that I know of. For now at least, this is proprietary, trade-secret software.

  • I worked on some of the administrative reporting aspects using AngularJS, PHP, and optimized SQL queries.

CreditInnovationGroup.com – I programmed 2 additional revenue streams:

  • a WordPress plugin to utilize a coupon service’s API
  • an API for debt management service, undebt.it and a WordPress plugin to interface with it. Undebt.it is a competitive alternative to Dave Ramsey’s Everydollar.com.

Ulyte’s (formerly MEP Games) Photonn – This is an interactive projector concept. I created 2 Android demonstration apps.

Tricom Management Center – TMC was just a simple calendar and a crude project estimator that had not been integrated when I took over the project as the sole developer. I completely redesigned it and turned it into a full featured custom Project Management and CRM hybrid web application.

  • Fully integrated Scheduler with reminders, etcetera
  • Estimator for both quoting and budgeting
  • Project Management with Time Clock and Job Costing
  • Service & Maintenance tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Sundry features useful to a low voltage system integration firm
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